About Us

Our Credo: We exist to help others become faster and more efficient swimmers, cyclists and runners. We believe that proper technique is just as important as proper training. We know that every person is different and requires individualized attention and coaching. But we also realize that not everyone can afford to hire a fulltime coach. We want to make improvement accessible to everyone. We want to foster a supportive, selfless, motivated and goal-oriented community. We believe that a faster me, is a faster you.

Who Are We?
CommuniTri is a place where athletes can upload videos of themselves swimming, biking and running, and receive feedback about how to improve their techniques and efficiency. It’s a safe, collaborative and judgment-free community for aspiring athletes looking to help each other improve.

The Problem
As passionate athletes, we have an overwhelming amount of knowledge and first-hand experience. Although books, magazine articles, videos, blog posts and discussion boards are great sources of information to consume, the only real way to learn something is through our own experimentation.

There is no such thing as perfect swim, bike or run technique. Every person is unique – with different bodies, experiences, and abilities. So reading about common issues or best practices will only help you understand them conceptually in your mind. You only get faster when you translate those concepts into the physical world and execute the movements with your body.

How Does CommuniTri Work?

  1. Post a video of yourself or a friend swimming, biking or running with your smartphone or camera.
  2. Get advice from your friends, coaches or a professional expert about how to improve your technique.
  3. Then share your personal experiences and knowledge with aspiring triathletes to help them improve.

Our Guiding Principles

  1. Metrics Don’t Tell the Whole Story – humans are visual creatures, not robots.
  2. There is No Such Thing as Perfect Form – but it’s important to discover your perfect form.
  3. We Learn Through Experimentation – focus on the learning process and you’ll improve.
  4. Lasting Change Happens When You Introduce Your Intent to the World.
  5. Getting Help Should Not Be Cost Prohibitive.
  6. You Get Faster and Stay Motivated By Helping Others.