How's my Swim-Bike-Run?

Improve your technique and efficiency, stay motivated, and get expert advice!

  • Become a CommuniTri insider & get personalized advice about how to improve your swim, bike and run technique
  • Discover why your competition is faster than you, use their secrets to beat them at your next race
  • Find out why adding training hours isn’t working; see how one simple tweak in technique can shave minutes off your time
  • Stop wasting time reading about 'perfect form’, get personalized advice from a professional coach in a one-on-one consultation
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    Post a video of yourself or a friend swimming, biking or running with your smartphone or tablet
  • 2
    Get advice from your friends, coaches or a professional expert about how to improve your technique
  • 3
    Then share your personal experiences and knowledge with aspiring triathletes to help them improve

Don't waste any more time and join the community of motivated and driven triathletes now!

Why Should I Join?

Find a Coach

Find a Coach
Browse through coaching profiles to find your perfect coach. Try them out and invest in a long-term commitment only when you know you’re compatible.

Track Progress

Track Progress
Visually keep track of your technique progression so you never make the same mistakes again.

One-Time Coaching Session

One-Time Coaching Session
Stop wasting time trying to figure it out on your own. Hire a professional coach for a one-time consultation and get personalized advice.

Stay Motivated

Stay Motivated
Collaborate with other motivated triathletes. See how far you've come. Watch others improve their form and learn from their mistakes. Teach others what you know.

Never Lose Momentum

Never Lose Momentum
Follow specific instructions from an expert coach to improve your technique. You'll be assigned specific drills and excercises to address your problem areas.

Perform Research

Perform Research
Do your own research about common problem areas, find solutions, and help others improve in the sport you love.

Finding Your Perfect Coach

Just like online-dating, CommuniTri helps you find a coach who is perfect for your needs!

Finding and committing to a coach can be a long and tedious process. Browse through coaching profiles and read about a coach’s background, strengths, coaching philosophy and more. Read through testimonials and reviews of the coach. Then invest a small amount of money to give the coach a trial before committing to a longer-term coaching relationship.

Find Coach!

What Kind of Triathlete Are You?

Analyze your form, keep track of progress, and learn from others.
Looking for a Coach
Browse through coaching profiles, try a few coaches with a one-time consultation, then invest in a longer-term commitment only once you find the perfect coach for you.
Already Working With a Coach
Collaborate with your existing coach to keep track of your progress and breakthroughs, facilitate your technique development, or maybe even get a second opinion in a one-on-one consultation if you need one.
Tri Team or Club Member
Take videos of each other during team workouts, give each other feedback and advice, motivate each other to improve.
Want to Become a CommuniTri Coach?
Benefits of Being a Coach on CommuniTri

  • Build your own personal coaching brand and business

  • Attract and find new clients

  • Make more money and create additional revenue streams

  • Provide additional coaching services to existing clients

Basic Coach Account
$50 per year
Get paid for providing one-time evaluations to clients. Perform only three evaluations and your annual membership pays off. Your profit-potential is limitless!
Premium Coach Account
$300 per year
Upload videos to promote your brand. Create drill and excercise videos to assign to coaching clients. Provide premium coaching services for a higher profit.
Compare Coaching Services

Basic Membership (Free)

  • Upload Unlimited Videos
  • Track Your Progress
  • Connect with other Triathletes
  • Get Advice From Friends
  • Analyze Videos & Watch Drills


A coach will view one of your submitted videos and identify the major problem area(s) in your technique, potential reasons or root causes for the issue(s), and offer suggestions to adjust.


In addition to the Initial Evaluation, a coach will create a customized 2-week plan of specific drills or exercises to do a few times each week to address your problem areas. No ongoing feedback will be provided once you get your drill recommendations.


In addition to the 2-Week Drill Plan, a coach will check in with you at the end of each week to check your progress and adjust your weekly plan accordingly. This will include additional video evaluations provided by the athlete over the course of the week if necessary.

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